Presidential Discretionary Fund
Occasionally, St. Augustine College receives grants or donations for specific academic or occupational programs. Information about these scholarship opportunities can be obtained from a Financial Aid Counselor or from an Academic Advisor.

Presidential Scholarships
The College grants these awards to students who demonstrate scholastic achievement in their academic programs. This award is given at the beginning of the semester and is for 50% of tuition and fees. New and continuing students may apply.
New Students:
A new student must apply through the Financial Aid Office and make arrangements with the Testing Center to take a test designated for this purpose.
Continuing Students:
A student must complete an application for institutional aid. The Financial Aid Director will review the student’s academic record and, if funds are available, make the award.

St. Augustine College (SAC) Awards
St. Augustine College (SAC) Awards are smaller grants provided directly by the College. These awards are conferred (within the limits of the funds available) on the basis of need to students progressing satisfactorily and who are in good standing with the Bursar’s Office.

The Following Conditions Must Be Met In Order To Qualify or To Maintain Eligibility for any Financial Aid program:
1. Students must comply with the Satisfactory Academic Standards and Progress Policy.
2. Changes in the recipient’s credit hour, marital, or residence status must be reported to the Financial Aid Office for review and possible adjustment of awards.
3. Unexpected changes in a family’s financial condition should be reported to the Financial Aid Office for review and possible adjustment of awards.
4. Outside aid received by applicants, which is not listed in the award letter, must be reported immediately to the Financial Aid Office. The aid package may have to be adjusted to reflect the actual aid reported.
5. If the recipient is in default on a federal loan or owes a refund for federal financial aid received when not earned, the Financial Aid Office must be notified immediately and awards will become void.
6. Aid awards are not automatically renewable. Students must apply annually by completing the Financial Aid FAFSA.
7. Under provisions of the United States Criminal Code, intentional false statements or misrepresentations on any of the applicant materials may subject the applicant to a fine of no more than $10,000.00 or imprisonment of no more than five (5) years or both.

All awards are contingent on the availability of funds from Federal, State, and Institutional sources, and must necessarily be tentative in the event that Congress, the Illinois General Assembly or the Administration of the College terminates the funds. (Information about any of the financial programs or policies can be secured from the Financial Aid Office of St. Augustine College.) If a student wishes further review of the financial aid awarded, the recipients may request a personal interview with the Director of Financial Aid.

Title IV Return Policy
St. Augustine College will return Title IV funds to the federal government for students who withdraw officially from classes. This official withdrawal will be based on the date recorded by the Registrar’s Office on the Course Selection Form.

Veterans’ Benefits
Veterans who wish to receive benefits under the Veterans Administration Education Program must complete a Veteran Application for Program of Education form, which is available from any VA office. The St. Augustine College liaison for Veterans Affairs benefits is located in the Career and Transfer Center.