All SAC students accepted for admissions that have completed the financial aid process are considered for all College need-based scholarship programs. SAC is committed to offering financial assistance to support the financial need of all applicants.

Federal Financial Aid
The Federal Pell Grant
This is a federal assistance program for any undergraduate student who demonstrates financial need. The amount of the grant varies according to the student’s need and the maximum allowed under the federal program. Application must be made for each academic year.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

This federal program is designed for any undergraduate who demonstrates financial need annually. The federal government provides post-secondary institutions with allocations from which Financial Aid Office counselors make awards.

Federal College Work-Study Program
St. Augustine College participates in the College Work-Study (CWS) Program, a federal financial aid program that helps colleges to provide jobs for students who exhibit need in financing their college education. To participate in the College Work-Study Program, a student must receive a CWS award as part of a financial aid offer from the Financial Aid Office. In order to maintain eligibility to participate in the CWS program, the student must comply with Financial Aid Office requirements.

Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP)
The Monetary Award Program (MAP) provides grant assistance to eligible students demonstrating financial need. MAP grants are applied toward tuition and mandatory fees for undergraduate students, not to exceed the maximum award amount for the academic year.

Approved Illinois public and private two- and four-year colleges, universities, hospital schools, and certain other degree-granting institutions participate in the MAP grant programs

There are five forms of institutional aid, the Bridge Awards, the SAC award, the Presidential Scholarship, the Presidential Discretionary Fund, and the Specialized Grants.

Bridge Award

The Bridge Award is a need-based complementary grant for new students (it does not apply to students on F1 visa) who can demonstrate financial need. The award can be applied to cover tuition shortfalls and it will be offered to the student at the time of registration. If the student withdraws during the semester, the Bridge award will be prorated using the same guidelines as other grants.

  • New Students
  • Students must demonstrate “Financial need”

SAC Award
The SAC Award is a merit and need-based grant. The grant applies to Continuing and returning students. The SAC Award, for eligible continuing students, is Granted based on need and the Grade Point Average from the prior semester attended. In the Case of returning students the SAC Award is granted based on need and Cumulative Grade Point Average from prior semesters attended.

  • For students registered for less than 12 credit hours, their award will be prorated based on actual registered hours.

This award can be applied to cover tuition only. The award is assigned at the time of registration. If the student withdraws during the semester, the SAC Award will be prorated.

Using the same guidelines as other grants.

  • The student is a continuing student in second semester or beyond or, if is a returning student.
  • The student must demonstrate “financial need”.
  • The student is an international student on F 1 Visa.
  • The student was eligible for financial aid in the previous semester, and is not eligible for MAP or Pell, or both, for the current semester, He /she must be enrolled in his/her final year of the degree being pursued with a maximum of 24 credit hours pending. The student has to apply for financial aid.

Presidential Scholarship
The Presidential scholarship is a merit scholarship which may cover up to fifty percent (50%) of tuition and fees for eligible students. The scholarship applies to new, returning, continuing, and transfer students who meet and/or maintain eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria for all applicants:

  • To have completed High School or GED
  • Be ineligible for need-based financial aid
  • Have not completed a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent in any country
  • To be a degree seeking student

Additional eligibility criteria for new students:

  • Place at Mathematics 112 or higher

Additional eligibility criteria for returning and continuing students:

  • Have a 3.50 minimum cumulative GP A in all course work at St. Augustine College.

Additional eligibility .criteria for transfer students:

  • Transfer students from regionally accredited institutions who are transferring
  • 12 or more credit hours must have a 3.50 (0-4) minimum cumulative GP A in all
  • Course, work at the previous institution.
  • Transfer students as above, who are transferring less than 12 credit hours will abide by the eligibility criteria for new students.

Continued eligibility for all students:

  • To maintain a 3.50 minimum cumulative GP A in all course work at St. Augustine College

Presidential Discretionary Fund
This fund is a limited resources fund disbursed by discretion of the president. The fund is reserved for special circumstances where students in financial aid may need additional help in covering cost of tuition, fees, or textbooks. Students must apply in writing through their academic advisor.

Specialized Grants
These grants are assigned based on criteria specified in the grants Guidelines.

Matching Scholarship
This scholarship is offered by individuals or entities that participate in SAC’s Matching Scholarship program. When a contribution is made to this program, SAC matches it which doubles the amount that is given in scholarships to SAC students in financial need.

Occasionally, St. Augustine College receives grants or donations for specific academic or occupation programs. Information about these scholarship opportunities may be obtained by a financial aid counselor or an academic advisor.
Used in GPA computation Not used in GPA computation
A = 4 points, counted as registered hours V = Not counted as registered hours
B = 3 points, counted as registered hours EW = Not counted as registered hours
C = 2 points, counted as registered hours AW = Counted as registered hours
D = 1 points, counted as registered hours SW = Counted as registered hours
F = 0 points, counted as registered hours S = Counted as registered hours
IF = 0 points, counted as registered hours U = Counted as registered hours
I = 0 points, counted as registered hours NG = Counted as registered hours
T = Counted as registered hours
TU = Not counted as registered hours
Grade Interpretation Grade Point Value

A Superior 4
B Good 3
C Average 2
D Minimum Passing 1
F Failure 0
IF Fail (unresolved incomplete) 0
I Incomplete. It is changed to a letter grader after successful Completion of missing work, or becomes an IF, if not resolved. 0
AW Administrative Withdrawal
EW Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal
SW Student Initiated Withdrawal
V Audit
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
NG Grade not reported by instructor. It is changed when the grade is received.
T Transferred course
TU Transfer course under evaluation.
The cumulative grade point average (GPA) is computed at the end of each semester on the basis of all grades, A through F, earned in College credit courses. Summer is treated as a regular semester.

Table of Minimum Standards for Good Academic Standing

Cumulative Number of Registered Hours Minimum Cumulative GPA
0-6 0.5
7-12 1.0
13-24 1.3
25-36 1.6
37-48 1.9
49 – above 2.0