St. Augustine College Directory
    Ext. Email Location
President’s Office
President Sund, Dr. Andrew 7502 MAIN
President’s Executive Assistant   6335   MAIN
Director, Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Compliance Myers, Robert 3992 MAIN
FSS Program Jones, Connie 3965 MAIN
Reception Main Reception Curiel Fregoso, Marleni 0 MAIN
West Reception 3537   WEST
Southeast Reception 7606   SOUTHEAST
South Reception            3642   SOUTH
Aurora Reception 630-264-2288   AURORA
Security AM Security 773-603-6231   MAIN
PM Security 773-603-6231   MAIN
Academic Affairs
Dean of Instruction Roman-Vargas Madeline 3728 MAIN
Academic Front Desk   7169   MAIN
  Vellio, Maria Constanza 3654 MAIN
Business, CIS & Culinary Arts Nava, Juvenal (Chair) 7087 MAIN
Bell, Eric 3386 MAIN
Karlo, Rita 3936 MAIN
Lara, Jose 3824 MAIN
Perez, Rafael 3160 MAIN
ECE & Social Sciences Vargas, Dr. Maria J (Chair) 3235 MAIN
Arellano, Carmen 7193 MAIN
Assaf Keller, Dr. Miryam 3665 MAIN
Escamilla, Marina 7090 MAIN
Weekley, Burma 7098 MAIN
Languages, Literature & Humanities Voltchek, Elena (Chair) 3837 MAIN
Bogdanich, Lana M 7283 MAIN
Ferrer, Alejandro 3902 MAIN
Golub, Victoria I 3861 MAIN
Gubalova, Eva 8307 MAIN
Kraus, Amanda 7133 MAIN
Plaza, Elisa 3721 MAIN
Science & Health Ortiz, Dr. Carlos (Chair) 3742 MAIN
Criollo, Dr. German 3686 MAIN
Del Carmen, Dr. Eddy 3763 MAIN
Lara Rivas, Victor 3856 MAIN
Lopez, Noe 3371 MAIN
Oh, Shukmei 7057 MAIN
Roy, Joseph 7182 MAIN
Velez, Sonia 3878 MAIN
Watanabe, Sergio 7052 MAIN
Social Work & Addictions Counseling Dr. Pantell, Marcia (Chair) 3978 MAIN
Frost, Sheila 3718 MAIN
Davila, Rebeca 3265 MAIN
Tutoring Coordinator Chavez, Fabiola 3710 MAIN
Admission’s Director Quiroz, Gloria 3606 MAIN
Coordinator of Main Campus Admissions Alas, Alex 3525 MAIN
Front Desk Front Desk 3656 MAIN
  Alegria, Eduardo 5242 MAIN
Admission Counselors Barcenas, Leticia 3551 WEST
Caranton, Ada 3252 SOUTHEAST
Castillo, Lourdes 3620 SOUTH
Castro, Johanna 3850 MAIN
Chapa, Nancy 3650 MAIN
Colon, Janette 3346 SOUTHEAST
Garcia, Pamela 3569 SOUTH
Gonzalez, Daniel 630-264-2288 Ext. 2202 AURORA
Gutierrez, Marcela 3362 WEST
Solano, Guillermo 3780 MAIN
Cafeteria Martinez, Antonio 7020   MAIN
Children Services
Director of Child Care Services Garcia, Angel 3231 MAIN
Child Development Center – Canillitas School Age 3231   MAIN
Child Development Center – Cri Cri School Age 3611   SOUTH
Office Phone 3641   SOUTH
Child Development Center – El Coqui Office Phone 3368   WEST
School Age 3436   WEST
Child Development Center – SouthEast School Age 7059   SOUTHEAST
Site Directors
Director of Aurora Teaching Location Cardenas, Elizabeth 630-264-2288 Ext. 2201 AURORA
South Director Lopez Sierra, Dr. Beda 2473 SOUTH
Southeast Director Vega, Patricia 7837 SOUTHEAST
West Director Rivera, Carmen 3545 WEST
Vice President for Finance Fleming, Saundra 4699 MAIN
Accounting Manager Ceja, Vincente 7369 MAIN
Accountant Mahe, Alfredo 3672 MAIN
Accounts Payable Troya, Yadira 3776 MAIN
Bookstore Olivares, Julio Cesar 3967 MAIN
Bursar Aragon, Edison 4251 MAIN
Martinez, Mayra 4723 MAIN
Payroll and HR Director Calero, Teofilo 7798 MAIN
HR and Payroll Assistant Vences, Melisa 2998 MAIN
Financial Aid
Director of Financial Aid Zambonino, Maria 3813 MAIN
Financial Aid Cardenas, Henry 3806 MAIN
Gonzalez, Emanuel 3297 MAIN
Romero, Eloisa 3249 MAIN
Tobar, James 4661 MAIN
Zuñiga, Elsa 3683 MAIN
Information Commons/Library
Director of Information Commons/Library Murphy, Elizabeth 3752 MAIN
Information Commons/Library Library Desk, Main Campus 7599   MAIN
Chavez, Fabiola 3710 MAIN
Georgina Miranda MAIN
Institute of Workforce Education
Vice President for Workforce Development Ruano , Dr. Norman 3894 IWE
GED GED 3841   IWE
Reception Pina, Flor Reception 4772 IWE
Assistant Manager, Support Services Avila, Andrea 3652 IWE
Associate Director, Manufacturing Programs Dailey, Leonor 3489 IWE
  Hurtado, Monica 3960 IWE
  Kelly, Robert A 3775 IWE
  Limon, Crystal – Reception GED 3954 IWE
  Martinez, Alexander 3357 IWE
Special Projects Manager Mercado, Isaias 3972 IWE
Adult Education Coordinator Molina, Alejandrina 3976 IWE
  Murga, Diego – Resource Center 3835 IWE
  Perez, Rafael 0 IWE
  Pina, Sylvia 3711 IWE
  Ramos, Lourdes 4593 MAIN
  Salas, Miguel 3596 IWE
  Salgado, Mirna E 3264 IWE
  Santos, Virgilio 3834 IWE
  Saviano, Ronald 3841 IWE
Project Coordinator Vizueta, Victor K 3741 IWE
Senior Business Manager Wagner, Monica 8280 IWE
Associate Director of Adult Education Zambie, Ann 6334 IWE
Marketing & Advancement
Director of Development Lopez, Maria Esther 4014 MAIN
Development Associate Lawler, Gail 3694 MAIN
Administrative Assistant Valadez, Grace 7044 MAIN
Marketing Manager Herrera, Emily 7030 MAIN
Physical Facilities
Maintenance   7950   MAIN
Student Services
Dean of Academic and Student Affairs Bondavalli, Dr. Bruno 3439 MAIN
Student Affairs Administrative Assistant Reyes, Wallezka J 3068 MAIN
Registrar Vaca, Margarita 5824 MAIN
Registrar Assistant Garcia, Alma A 7989 MAIN
Associate Dean of Student Services Ojeda, Dr. Juan 7980 MAIN
Assistant Dean of Academic Advising Moreno, Guadalupe 3216 MAIN
  Front Desk 3935   MAIN
Academic Advisors Perea, Maria 3549 WEST
Natal, Celina 3565 MAIN
Perez, Gladys 3564 WEST
Trujillo, Claudia 3604 SOUTH
Vargas, Maria Salome 3618 SOUTH
Information Technology
Vice President for Technology, Research & Systems Heck, Paul 3194 MAIN
Assistant Director of IT Mena, Eva 3687 MAIN
Help Desk IT Help Desk 3855 MAIN
Network Administrator Buzo, Jorge 3860 MAIN
Help Desk Coordinator Galvez, Manuel 3862 MAIN
Coordinator for Administrative Computing Gonzalez, Elba G 3759 MAIN
Special Projects Coordinator Ruiz, Soledad 3514 MAIN