The Office of Academic Effectiveness (OAE) at St. Augustine College promotes

  1. a culture of quality assurance, continuous institutional improvement, systematic assessment, and sustained excellence across academic programs consistent with local and international standards,
  2. quality processes of teaching and learning,
  3. systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of all aspects of College operations and academic programs, and
  4. a cyclical monitoring function to ensure policy and accreditation compliance.

To accomplish its goals, the Office of Academic Effectiveness operates with three offices:

  • The Office of Faculty Development, Performance, and Assessment
  • The Office of Training and Technology
  • The Office of Curriculum Programs

The Office of Academic Effectiveness Roles:

The Director of Academic Effectiveness is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, administering, developing, implementing and leading academic quality assurance in teaching, curriculum, assessment, evaluation and reporting. Serves as an expert for innovative education initiatives, design, and learning formats that address the specific learning needs of the St. Augustine student.

The Director of Faculty Development, Performance, and Assessment is responsible for overseeing the hiring and evaluation of adjunct academic staff, conducting needs assessment for professional development of all faculty, and developing and implementing institutional research to evaluate the College’s effectiveness.

The Director of Training and Technology is responsible for coordinating the implementation and utilization of technology, including online assessment and analytics, overseeing the effective implementation of the institution’s Learning Management System CANVAS, and providing staff training in any new adoptions of technological features and functionalities.

The Director of Curriculum Programs is responsible for designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating the curriculum of all academic programs to ensure academic quality and innovation.

Dr. Ana Gil Garcia
Dr. Ana Gil GarciaExecutive Dir. of Academic Effectiveness

My life started in Margarita Island, Venezuela many years ago. The oldest of seven siblings, I completed my K-21 in Venezuela. After working in the school system as a Science teacher, School District Supervisor, and Interim Superintendent of 210 schools I left for the United States to complete my Master, Specialist and Doctor of Education degrees. My professional life has been full of rich experiences that started as I have received five different Fulbright Scholar awards. As a scholar, researcher, community activist, human rights advocate, published author and Professor Emerita in Northeastern Illinois University, I have traveled the world teaching as a visiting professor, training junior faculty, preparing teachers and school leaders, speaking at conferences, conducting research, doing humanitarian work, creating coalitions for Latino leadership parity, establishing digital bridges for minorities but overall learning from others. I have dedicated time to develop my infatuation for education and the multiple recognitions and awards local, national and internationally have reaffirmed the work I do passionately. I have been recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential Hispanic in the USA, 50 Most Influential Latinos in Chicagoland, 30 Outstanding Visionary Women in Higher Education, 2016 Distinguished Woman in Education, 2020 Dr. John Hernandez Leadership Award in Higher Education for Latinx Communities and 2020 Latinos on Boards in Chicagoland among many other distinctions supporting my education engagement. I continue creating educational spaces to increase leadership opportunities for LatinX population at all levels of education. A few of my proud accomplishments include serving in Humanity in Action a worldwide Rotary International campaign to eradicate poverty; co-founding both ILCEL, a coalition to protect equity f