Social Work advisors are available to meet with admitted and future students by appointment. Students can request an appointment by e-mailing the below BSW faculty.

Students admitted in to the BSW Program will be notified by SAC email of their assigned social work advisor. Social work advising is provided by BSW faculty. Students work with their assigned BSW advisor to create a study plan and register for courses (they no longer register with associate level advisors).

Each semester students will receive an email from their BSW faculty advisor inviting them to meet virtually and/or in person to discuss their career and study plans.  Advisors are available to help with recommendations for graduate school and jobs. Students can email their BSW advisor at any time to request an appointment.

Registration: Students will be notified by email when registration begins for the next semester. Before the Fall and Spring semesters, BSW advisors will be available in a limited timeframe for walk-in advising and registration. The walk-in advising and registration schedule will be sent by e-mail to students and posted on BSW faculty offices.

Once the advisor has selected and entered classes for registration students need to finish the registration process with the Financial Aid office and the Bursar’s office.  Failure to complete the process prior to the beginning of the semester means the student is not fully registered and may result in the student being dropped from classes. Any requested changes to a student’s registration after classes began require the student to revisit the Financial Aid and Bursar’s offices.

The BSW advisors look forward to getting to know you!

Marcia Pantell
Associate Professor
Chair Social Work Department and Interim Chair Psychology
Faculty Advisor for BSW students

Teresa P. Mateus
Assistant Professor
Field Director for BSW Program
Faculty Advisor for BSW students and students entering field placement

Sheila Frost
Interim Director for SAC Center for Teaching and Learning
Associate Professor