The Bachelor Degree is the highest degree offered at St. Augustine College. The Bachelor of Arts degrees require the completion of 120 semester credit hours of course work and the fulfillment of all the academic requirements pertinent to the degree. The Bachelor of Social Work

program requires the completion of 128 semester credit hours of course work and the fulfillment of all the academic requirements pertinent to the degree.

Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management is a comprehensive degree designed to prepare students for employment in the wide and growing field of hospitality. Based on a liberal arts foundation, the hospitality program prepares students with a strong business curriculum, experience in culinary arts, and content courses which cover the major areas of the hospitality industry. The curriculum include a senior seminar with a capstone project that presents students with the opportunity to research specialty areas, including international tourism, gaming, sports hospitality, and ethnic/global hospitality. This degree prepares students to work with diverse organizations and educates them to work closely, as well as independently, with staff, supervisors, businesses, and customers.

Careers in Hospitality Management

The Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management will help you obtain an exciting career in the Hospitality Industry. If you are a student who has decided to pursue a career in Hospitality Management, our program will prepare you to acquire an entry-level position in a variety of customer service institutions, such as Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Amusement Parks, and many more.

If you are a student already working in a hospitality serving establishment, this degree will give you the opportunity and tools to succeed in the Hospitality Business.

The Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management is a comprehensive program covering knowledge in the following areas: Culinary Arts, Accounting, Business Management, Legal and Ethical Issues, Human Resources, Lodging, Management of Food Services, Management of events, In

dustrial Psychology, and Management of Information Systems.

Program Outcomes

Program objectives of the Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management are:

  1. To educate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be competent business professionals in the hospitality industry and competitive in the job market, with special emphasis on multicultural understanding and practice in a global industry.
  2. Graduates will be well-prepared professionals, able to collaborate as well as lead, with many different types of people, solve problems quickly and concentrate on details, have initiative and self-discipline, effective communication skills, and the ability to organize and direct the work of others.
  3. Graduates will have strong knowledge of lodging and food and beverage service operations, including customer service, reservations, purchasing and accounting systems, safety and security, design, event planning, maintenance and repair, personnel practices, and business ethics, legal requirements, management and finance.
  4. Upon graduation, the graduate will be able to assume employment in the hospitality industry in management or operations or as a leader or owner for a lodging establishment, events and meeting management, restaurant, food service, sales, or related business field.


General Education Requirements 36
ENG 160 Composition I (4)
ENG 162 Composition II (4)
ENG 165 Speech (4)
MAT 200 Finite Mathematics OR

MAT 225 Introductory Statistics

BIO 102 Intro to Human Biology OR

BIO 108 Anatomy and Physiology I OR

CHM 115 Basic Chemistry OR

PHY 103 Earth Science

ENG 203 American Culture & Literature OR HUM 202 Humanities I OR

HUM 204 Music Appreciation OR

HUM 205 History & Appreciation of Art OR PHI 220 Ethics OR any other PHI course

SPA 222 The Hispanic-American Experience through Literature (4)
HIS 104 U. S. History to 1865 OR

HIS 105 U. S. History from 1865 to Present OR PSC 103 American Government

PSY 101 General Psychology (4)
Major Requirements 68
ACC 101 Principles of Accounting (4)
BUS 110 Introduction to Business (4)
BUS 220 Principles of Management (4)
CUL 100 Food Service & Hospitality (4)
CUL 101 Introduction to Culinary Arts (4)
CUL 104 Garde Manger (4)
CUL 106 Principles and Production of Stocks, Soups and Sauces OR

CUL 108 Fish, Shellfish, and Poultry

ACC 301 Hospitality Accounting (4)
CIS 301 Management Information Systems for Hospitality (4)
HOS 311 Marketing & Tourism in the Hospitality Industry (4)
HOS 321 Legal Issues in Hospitality (4)
HOS 455 Lodging in the Hospitality Industry (4)
HOS 466 Management Food Service in the Hospitality Industry (4)
HOS 477 Managing Events in the Hospitality Industry (4)
HOS 488 Human Resources (4)
HOS 495 Senior Seminar in the Hospitality Industry (4)
PSY 420 Industrial/Organizational Psychology (4)
Elective Courses 16