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The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems is a degree designed to prepare students for employment in an Information Technology department of an organization. Program skills begin with strong computer programming foundations and move students toward the most advanced concentrations.

There are three concentrations from which students can choose: web based applications, database systems management, and network systems administration.

The web based applications concentration and the database systems management concentration, each concentration prepares students to design, implement, and manage systems. The former prepares students for working with web based communications systems and the latter prepares them for working with database management systems.

The network systems administration concentration prepares students to build, install, troubleshoot, and administer local area networks from the foundation up.

Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems sample courses

Database Systems Management
CIS 220 Client-Side Web Development 4 Credit Hours
Network Systems Administrator
CIS 216 Operating Systems 4 Credit Hours
Web-based applications
*CIS 220 Client-Side Web Development 4 Credit Hours
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The curriculum includes a senior internship project where students will use and apply their learned skills to solve a computer-information-systems problem in a real-world situation.

The degree prepares students with a solid background in mathematics (discrete structures) and communications (technical writing). In addition, graduates leave the program with skills to work independently as well as skills to work collaboratively with diverse populations of staff, supervisors, and customers.

Computer Information Systems Bachelor Program FAQ:

Q: How long is the Computer Information Systems Program? 

A: This is a typical 4 year program, compiled of 120 total credit hours that can be taken at your leisure. 

Q: Can I get my BS in Computer Information Systems degree online?

A: Yes! The Computer Information Systems degree program is offered both online and in person. Our online model is a real-time livestream of the courses, so students have the flexibility to to learn completely online, in-person, or a combination of both. 

Q: What is the career outlook for BS in Computer Information Systems Graduates?

A: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, on its Economic News website, projects that Computer Systems Design and related Services will be the 5th highest out of 19 industries that will have significant job growth between 2014 and 2024, adding over 408,000 new jobs during those years. In today’s work place, there is almost no industry that can operate without computer technicians to support their systems. Demand is high for well trained computer network and application specialists.