The Languages, Literature and Humanities Department offers an Associate of Arts Degree, with a Spanish concentration. This program is designed for students looking to acquire the Spanish proficiency necessary for a career which emphasizes the value of diverse cultures and recognizes the importance of communication.

Spanish is widely spoken in the US and other countries, so Spanish speakers are necessary and valued in a variety of areas, from customer service and hospitality roles to health care and education. In fact, anyone that is likely to encounter Spanish speakers while at work will benefit from knowledge of the Spanish language.

Completion of this course prepares students for transferring to a four-year college program and completing a Spanish major, which could eventually lead to work as a translator, or a Spanish speaking business or marketing career.

The general education core for this degree complies with guidelines of the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI).

Spanish Courses

SPA 201 Grammar and Composition for Bilinguals 4 Credit hours
SPA 202  Advanced Composition 4 Credit hours
SPA 250 Hispanic American Literature 4 Credit hours
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