Dr. Norman Ruano is Vice President of the Institute for Workforce Education (IWE) at St. Augustine College since 2009. He has over twenty years of management, marketing and operations experience in business, public and private education environments; over ten years of experience in successfully reorganizing and starting operations in workforce development and corporate training; and over ten years of experience securing and managing public training grants along with extensive experience developing and maintaining executive-level relationships and partnerships with companies, nonprofits, and government agencies. Norman reports to the President of St. Augustine for the management and strategic leadership of the Institute for Workforce Education (IWE), the workforce development arm of the college. The Institute for Workforce Education is a comprehensive workforce development provider with expertise in dual language (Spanish/English) training. Its mission is to be the largest college-based provider of workforce development services in Illinois by 2012. IWE operates Construction, Green Technology, Manufacturing, Non Profit, Small Business, TDL, Workplace Safety, and Service workforce training programs. Dr. Ruano has a Ph.D. in Sociology from Loyola University, Chicago, IL, and a Masters in Sociology from DePaul University in Chicago, IL with a focus in urban sociology and U.S. Latino studies.


Ms. Maria Zambonino is the Director of Financial Aid since 1980 when St. Augustine College first opened. She supervises all financial assistance programs administered in the college and maintains communication regarding financial aid to students and staff. Ms. Zambonino prepares student budgets for submission to need analysis agencies and analyzes student applications for financial assistance. She provides training for the Admissions and Counseling staff and insures that the college complies with federal and state regulations. Ms. Zambonino maintains records for audit purposes and conducts ongoing internal audits for compliance.