Dr. Reyes González

Welcome to St. Augustine!

At St. Augustine, we offer a meaningful, culturally relevant education for use as a powerful instrument to make dreams a reality. As president of St. Augustine, this is my reality. To accomplish this, I actively support the faculty, staff and administrators as together we collaborate to meet the needs of each student. I am inspired to invite you to pursue your education at the first college in Chicago dedicated to the education and success of the Latino community.

Our programs, courses and teaching methods are uniquely designed to promote success for members of the Hispanic Community. Courses are offered in Spanish and English at different locations in Chicago and Aurora, morning and evenings, for your convenience. The education you receive at St. Augustine will be a bridge to a more prosperous life and a deeper understanding of culture, as well as a practical and valuable education. Our teaching programs have received national recognition.

As you navigate this site, you will find that our bachelors and associates programs, courses, and support services are designed with our students’ success and our mission in mind. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive education so that our students may enhance their critical thinking skills, obtain state-of-the-art knowledge in their major and develop knowledge and skills to become more responsible citizens. This takes place in the context of enhanced cultural knowledge and expanded communication skills to further our students’ success wherever life takes them, locally, nationally and globally.

Now is the time to start or continue your education. Whether you are a current or prospective student, please know that our faculty, staff and administration are here to support you in making your dreams a reality. They are individuals who are professional, dedicated and among the best in their fields. Take advantage of the many programs and services that St. Augustine has to offer at our five locations in Chicago and Aurora. Contact us at 773-878-8756 with any questions. Of course, we will assist in either English/Spanish.

Dedication, perseverance and innovation are building blocks to success. Hold
your dreams in your heart, pursue them with energy and enthusiasm, and you
will achieve them.

Dr. Reyes González