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Significant presence of young students in SAC’s new academic year

Saisha Mateo and Emily Duran are 19 years old and both chose to study at St. Augustine College (SAC) because they did not find the help and family atmosphere they were looking for at other colleges. Their classes began on Monday, August 28. Saisha has started to study a Bachelor’s degree in Social [...]

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Late registration until September 2 in SAC

Even though enrollment began August 7 at St. Augustine College and classes began on Monday, August 28, students can still enroll during the "late enrollment" grace period that ends September 2.According to figures provided by St. Augustine College’s Admissions Department, enrollment for this academic semester of fall 2017 has experienced a significant increase over the [...]

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From Waukegan to Chicago for a better future

 Maribel Mendoza obtained her Associate Degree in Applied Science in Early Childhood Education at SAC and graduated on May 27th. She runs a child care center in her home."Every Saturday, for almost three years, starting at 5 a.m., I would begin the routine of finishing my homework, leave food already for my family and pack [...]

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Chef of White Sox graduated from SAC

Gustavo Prado, the Executive Sous Chef of the White Sox Stadium in Chicago, is the second in command in the kitchen and says he came to this position after being a chef for 12 years at the prestigious Hyatt Hotel, employment that he obtained by recommendation of St. Augustine [...]

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SAC English program is unique

Marleni Curiel, a Business Administration student, shared how easy it has been for her to learn English at the college level at St. Augustine College. "When I arrived to SAC in 2014, my English was at the 105 level, which is one of the lowest levels of English. It was puzzling because I [...]