Presidential Search

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Presidential Search

St. Augustine College is in search of its next president.  He or she will chart a direction for St. Augustine College that will foster its sustainability through strategic, innovative programming, dramatically improve enrollment and retention, while aggressively attracting increased investments in the College through private and public resources.

St. Augustine College’s next president will have a deep commitment to the College’s mission to make higher education accessible to a diverse student population, specializing in the Hispanic/Latino community. The President will see him or herself as a bridge to a better future for students traditionally outside the system and can identify culturally and linguistically with St. Augustine College students. An individual with integrity who identifies, respects, and brings out the strengths in those around them will be successful in this position.

St. Augustine College is an independent, bilingual (dual-language) institution of higher education created to make the American system of higher education accessible to a diverse student population with emphasis on those of Hispanic/Latino descent; to strengthen ethnic identity; to reinforce cultural interaction; and to build a bridge to fill cultural, educational, and socio-economic gaps.

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