Cursos – Terapia Respiratoria

Cursos – Terapia Respiratoria 2016-11-07T15:42:10+00:00
Código del CursoGeneral Education Requirements (12)Credit Hours
ENG 160Composition I4
ENG 162Composition II4
PSY 101General Psychology4


Código del CursoSupport Course Requirements (26)Credit Hours
AHP 110Applied Physics in RES3
AHP 113RES Care Pharmacology3
BIO 108Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIO 208Cardio-Pulmonary Anatomy & Physiology4
BIO 10Intro to Microbiology4
CHM 115Basic Chemistry4
MAT 110Math for Health Careers4


Código del CursoMajor Requirements (36)Credit Hours
RES 10Funds. of Resp. Care2
RES 120Resp. Care Procedures I2
RES 129Clinical Practicum I2
RES 201Resp. Care Pathology2
RES 205N.B.R.C. Seminar2
RES 210Mechanical Ventilation I2
RES 211Mechanical Ventilation II2
RES 212Clinical Case Simulations2
RES 220Resp. Care Procedures II2
RES 230Neonatal & Pediatric Resp.2
RES 239Clinical Practicum II2
RES 240Resp. Care Procedures III2
RES 249Clinical Practicum III2
RES 250Hemodynamics & Cardiac Monitoring2
RES 259Clinical Practicum IV2
RES 280Clinical Internship I2
RES 290Clinical Internship II2
RES 300Clinical Internship III2


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