Cursos – Educacion Infantil Preescolar

Cursos – Educacion Infantil Preescolar 2016-11-07T15:42:10+00:00
Código del cursoRequisitos de Educación General (20)Horas Crédito
ENG 160Composition I4
ENG 162Composition II4
BIO 102Intro to Human Biology4
PSY 101General Psychology4
PSY 210Child Psychology4


Código del cursoRequisitos de Concentración (36)Horas Crédito
ECE 101Introduction to Early Childhood Education4
ECE 212Art and Music Activities4
ECE 221The Exceptional Child4
ECE 225Language Acquisition & Arts4
ECE 226Observation & Guidance for the Young Child4
ECE 228Child, Family &Community4
ECE 232Early Childhood Practicum4


and two of the following courses:

Código del curso2 Requisitos AdicionalesHoras Crédito
*ECE 210Math & Science Activities for the Young Child4
ECE 215Infant, Toddlers, & Caregivers4
*ECE 220Health & Nutrition4
ECE 223Family Child Care Administration4
ECE 224Principles and Practices of Early Childhood Education4


Código del cursoOtros Requisitos (8)Horas Crédito
MAT 112Intermediate Algebra4
ADM 101Keyboarding & Document Formatting4


Total de Horas Crédito64

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