Cursos – Artes Culinarias

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Código del CursoRequisitos de Educación General (16)Horas Crédito
ENG 160Composition I4
ENG 162Composition II4
HIS 104Survey of U.S. History to 1865 OR4
HIS 105Survey of U.S. History from 1865 to Present OR4
PSC 103American Government and Politics4
PSY 101General Psychology4


Código del CursoRequisitos para Cursos de Apoyo(4)Horas Crédito
CIS 109Computer for Cooks4
MAT 109Mathematics for Cooks 
SAN 025Sanitation Certification


Código del CursoRequisitos de Concentración (32)Horas Crédito
BUS 110Introduction to Business4
CUL 100Food Service & Hospitality4
CUL 101

Introduction to Culinary Arts

CUL 104Garde Manger4
CUL 105Baking and Pastry I4
CUL 106Principles & Production of Stocks Soups, & Sauces4
CUL 108Fish, Shellfish, & Poultry I4
CUL 201Culinary Principles & Meats4


Código del CursoElectivos Recomendados (8)Horas Crédito
CUL 103Nutrition4
CUL 120Baking and Pastry II4
CUL 125Baking and Pastry III4
CUL 231Adv. Culinary Skills4
CUL 232Externship & Internship Rotation4
CUL 240Latin American Cuisine4
CUL 244European Cuisine4


Total de horas crédito60
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