Financial assistance from the college shall be viewed as supplementary to the efforts of the student and his/her family. The following objectives have been adopted for our financial aid program:

A. Effectively organizing and administering the financial aid program to transmit aid dollars to students in a timely and prudent fashion.

B. Effectively communicating to students, staff, and the community the true purpose of the financial aid program.

C. Creating an atmosphere of cooperation between our office and other colleges, high schools, community agencies, parents, staff and students concerning all aspects of financial aid and college lite in general.

D. Acting as a responsible steward of aid dollars provided to the College.


  • Policies and Procedures of the Office of Financial Aid
  • College Grant Programs; Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
  • Financial Aid Renewal
  • Financial Aid Office Procedures
  • Verification Procedures
  • Financial Aid Verification Guide
  • Return of Title IV Funds Policy