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Social Work General Education Requirements
The following courses are required for admission into the social work program. St. Augustine College is happy to accept transfer credits from accredited colleges or universities participating in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)

Course CodeIAI Codes (For Transfer Students)General Education Requirements (48)Credit Hours
ENG 160C1 900Composition I4
ENG 162C2 901Composition II4
ENG 165C2 900Speech4
MAT 225M1 902 (stats)Mathematics4
BIO 102L1 or L (Life Science)Human Biology4
CHM 115 or PHY 103P1 or P (Physical Sciences)Chemistry or PHY – Earth Science4
HUM 204 or HUM 205F (Fine Art)Fine Art4
PHI 200 or PHI 220H (Humanities)Humanities4
SPA 222H (Humanities)Hispanic-American Experience through Literature4
HIS 105, or HIS 104, or PSC 103S2History or American Government and Politics4
PSY 101S6 900General Psychology4
SOC 101S7 900Intro. to Sociology4
Course CodeBSW Required Courses (48) Students must pass the following courses with a grade of C or aboveCredit Hours
SWK 200Introduction to Social Work4
SWK 305Values and Ethics of Social Work4
SWK 315Human Behavior in the Social Environment: I4
SWK 319Human Behavior in the Social Environment: II4
SWK 335Social Justice and Social Action4
SWK 345Multicultural Social Work Practice4
SWK 355Research and Practice Evaluation4
SWK 410Social Work Practice I4
SWK 420Social Work Practice II4
SWK 470Integrative Seminar4
SWK 450Field Placement I4
SWK 460Field Placement II4
*Students may transfer to SAC Social Work core courses only if they were taken at a CSWE accredited Bachelor of Social Work program. 

Electives: 32 credit hours

Accepted electives are any 100 level or above college course. However, students are encouraged to take elective courses that will complement social work course work. Complimentary courses offered at SAC include addiction studies, political science, criminal justice, psychology, early childhood education, sociology, and business. Courses taken as prerequisites for required GEN ED courses are not considered electives (for example- MAT 112, Algebra).

Field Instruction (concurrent with SWK 470)

As part of the social work program, students complete a social work internship, which is also called field instruction. During the internship, students receive hands-on experience in a social service agency while under the supervision of a social worker. The goal of the internship is to provide students with the opportunity to practice the social work content taught in class while receiving constructive feedback from their social work field instructor. Students are also enrolled in a seminar class while in internship to receive additional support. The internship is a total of 420 hours, which can be completed in one or two semesters.

SWK 450 Field Placement I

SWK 460 Field Placement II

Graduation Requirements

  • 128 credit hours
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above at the time of graduation
  • Residency requirement- 30 credit hours must be completed at SAC
  • Graduation application on file in Registrar’s office
  • Complete a Social Work Exit Interview
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