Courses & Graduation Requirements

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Course CodeGeneral Education Requirements (48)Credit Hours
ENG 160Composition I4
ENG 162Composition II4
ENG 165Speech4
MAT 225Introductory Statistics4
BIO 102Introduction to Human Biology4
HUM 204Earth Science OR Chemistry 1154
HUM 204Music Appreciation OR 
HUM 205History and Appreciation of Art4
PHI 220Ethics4
ENG 203OR any Philosophy 
SPA 222The Hispanic-American Experience through Literature4
HIS 104Survey of U.S. History to 1865 or4
HIS 105Survey of U.S. History from 1865 to Present OR 
PSC10American Government and Politics 
PSY 101General Psychology4
PSY 202Human Growth and Development4
Course CodeMajor Requirements (44)Credit Hours
PSY 201Writing for Psychology4
PSY 220Adult Development4
PSY 270Theories of Personality4
PSY 300Cross-Cultural Factors in Mental Health4
PSY 310Tests and Measurement4
PSY 320Behavioral Statistics4
PSY 325Neuro-Cognitive Psychology4
PSY 400Abnormal Psychology4
PSY 410Social Psychology4
PSY 420Industrial/Organizational Psychology OR4
PSY 430Gender and Society 
PSY 450Senior Seminar4
 Total Credit Hours120

Practicum in Psychology
Students will complete their Practicum which is also called Field Experience during the 16 week course PSY-450 Senior Seminar. Students learn and apply skills during a semester of structured practicum experiences. Students will complete 200 hours of supervised, structured practicum experience during their senior seminar (PSY 450) in locations approved by a faculty advisor. Possible practicum locations are listed in the student handbook (Appendix A). The practicum course will involve some classroom time in which students will discuss ethics, share learning experiences, and review skill development and proficiency.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Students must complete 120 credit hours that include requirements that satisfy minimum general education requirements, early childhood education core course requirements.
  2. A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above at the time of graduation.
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