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We are proud to offer our Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, which is taught in accordance with the American Psychological Association Standards. Throughout this course, students will learn to think scientifically, learn and understand psychological theories, and consider contemporary challenges with this basis of knowledge in mind. A BA in Psychology can lead to a variety of careers, as many employers in customer-facing businesses value graduates with knowledge of human psychology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts growth in the field of Psychology. The study of Psychology may lead to employment or further study in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Human resources
  • Business
  • Counseling
  • Marketing
  • Child care
  • Youth work
  • Health care
  • Adult & elderly care
  • Community advocacy
  • Social services
  • Criminal justice & law
  • Drug, alcohol and chemical dependency
  • Mental health work, and more

A BA in Psychology can also be the first essential step towards pursuing a Master’s Degree, a PsyD or a PHD in Psychology or a similar field, which can lead to a role as a clinical psychologist and expand employment opportunities. Students who chose to study at St. Augustine will have the benefit of well-qualified, bilingual faculty and staff to lead them to academic success.