The Associate of General Studies (AGS) curriculum includes general education courses and elective courses. The degree is intended for students pursuing educational goals which may not be met by the other associate degree programs.

The AGS program may allow students to focus on specific subjects that could be useful in future careers or for transfer to 4-year educational programs.

Program Outcomes:
Graduates of this program will achieve the following outcomes:
• Using appropriate methodologies, students demonstrate the ability to read, listen, and communicate with understanding and critical discernment.
• Students learn to evaluate ideas and outcomes, solve problems, and make informed decisions based upon consideration of evidence, reason, and implications.
• Students learn to access information efficiently and effectively; evaluate it critically and competently; and use it accurately and creatively.
• Students develop recognition of and respect for diversity through cultural interactions in and outside the classroom.

General Education Requirements (32)

ENG 160Composition I(4)
ENG 162Composition II(4)
ENG 165Speech(4)
MAT 110 or Higher(4)
BIO 102 or CHM 115 or PHY 103(4)
SPA 222Hispanic American Literature(4)
HIS 104, 105 or PSC 103(4)
PSY 101General Psychology
Concentration and Electives(28)
Total Credit Hours(60)